This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Fellow forumites. I am offering for sale a virtually mint condition Kragehul Bog Sword, which was a 1st Generation Albion offering. It is very well made and does not exhibit any blemishes. It comes without a scabbard, as purchased. It has beautiful brasswork on the hilt, with a brass enclosed walnut guard. $1275. Paypal, MO or cheque (to clear) If PAYPAL, I will split their 3 % fee with you. I will ship it free within CONUS, overseas possible, if you can provide a US address. I have only seen one up for sale here, and that is the very same one I am selling. I was going to have a scabbard made, but I am trying to raise money for a custom project, otherwise wouldn't be selling. Please send PM for picture.