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I'm selling this Viking Hand axe I changed up a bit. I removed a good bit of the metal from both behind the horn and behind the beard -- as well as trimmed down the haft to about 24". Material removal was done carefully, and I think, nicely. This makes it a lighter, faster one hand-viable weapon. There's still plenty of room to put two mitts on there if you want to. The cutting edge of the blade remains the same length.

I also stripped the silver paint and applied gun blue. For the ugly set-screw hole in the back, I partially inserted the screw with epoxy, and then ground it flat. You have to look really close to even tell there was ever a hole there. There is a double Tyr rune on the back, per the old norse poem:

Winning-runes learn,
if thou longest to win,

...And twice shalt thou call on Tyr

The axe head is not super-firmly attached to the haft, in case you want to change up or do work on the handle still. With a mallet and perhaps a little sanding, you can secure it easy. Lastly, the blade is pretty darned sharp.

Anyways, $45 shipped CONUS. Sheath included, which still protects the blade even with the removed material.
Let me know if you have any questions!

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