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Hi guys,

I need funds for a project, so I have decided with a heavy heart to sell one of my darlings.

Sheís an A&A Town Guard, in used condition. I am the second owner. The first owner didnít cut with it as far as I can tell and was told. But I have cut and drilled with this extensively. This sword changed my body for the better!

There are no structural compromises with the sword except an unclean weld marks and a small pit near one of the bars, but nothing that impacts the strength of the blade. As this was used extensively in cutting, the area around COP shows surface scratching. The finish is mostly clean, but could use a light polish; nothing serious or deep.

This biggest issue with the blade is that it came with a very slight, but even heat treat warp, which A&A quoted me about $150 to fix. Itís a very slight warp (<1degree, placed on a straight edge) that doesnít affect performance, but itís something to disclose.

This sword comes with the A&A leather scabbard with the seam along the back.
This setup new from A&A would cost you $1080 for the sword, $175 for the scabbard, plus about $53 for shipping. Thatís $1255 + $53 Shipping = $1308.

Iím asking $725 shipped to CONUS. Iíll take No fee Paypal, Zelle, or Bitcoin.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.