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Hi all,

I have available three modified Deepeeka project blades and a duelling gauntlet project.

- All prices include standard shipping within Australia.
- Shipped cleaned and oiled.
- Will consider all reasonable offers.
- Purchase two or more items for discount on Shipping!

Blade A:
- Double fullered back-sword
- Length: 102cm
- Width at ricasso: 3.7cm
- Thickness at ricasso: 5mm
- $150

Blade B:
- Smallsword
- Length: 81cm
- Width at ricasso: 3cm-1.6cm
- Thickness at ricasso: 3mm
- $45

Blade C:
- Arming sword.
- Length: 69cm
- Width at ricasso: 3.9cm
- Thickness at ricasso: 2mm
- $65

Duelling Gauntlet:
- Men's size large gauntlet.
- Men's small leather inner glove.
- Round rivet, flat rings.
- $150

Please note these are sold as is.

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Blades and Gauntlets. [ Download ]