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Post by robert on 5 hours ago
Hello, I have a Vladimir Cervenka schiavona in very good condition. Has only been cut with once and at the moment is sharpened at Vladimir's workshop and re-patinated as well to preserve it's uniqe look, so when it's done it will as new. The worksmanship is very good and so is the balance and handling. With the thumb ring it's very easy to control the blade or switch to a handshake grip and place your finger on the ricasso for loosing cutting power in favor of thrusting.

The basket hilt and the handle are very well executed and the turkish knots are faultless, and the pommel is solid brass.

As with many other works from Cervenka the blade has been patinated, while it does give the sword a rougher look it also removes the need to maintain your sword often, as the patina protects the blade from rust very well.

The sword also comes with a nice, leather scabbard albeit it has some scraches.

Some stats from the maker:
Total length: 1000 mm
Length of the blade: 830 mm
Width of the blade: 40 mm
Weight: 1250 g

To get one these brand new you'd have to pay about 1000 euro and wait for over a year. I'm asking either 800$ shipped in the EU (for international buyers we could split the shipping costs) or a trade for any Albion sword (except type XV and XVa since I already have those) or a simmilar high quality custom from other makers. I am also open to trade+cash (depending on the sword you are offering)

This sword is a gem, and I'm not in a dire need to get rid of it, so the price is fairly firm.

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