This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have a Howard Clark 1086 custom katana in Full Polish in Shirasaya for sale..
It was bought from Bugei in 2009 this is the web address describing
The polish is by Keith Larman of Summerchild Polishing.

Howard Clark is well known for his L6 Bainite swords. However, not as many know that Howard first made his mark on the Japanese sword world with his high performing and stunningly unique 1086 katana. This katana was tougher than most anything else on the market. And the hamon Howard Clark would get on these swords befit his mastersmith status. And this sword is no exception. Where his L6 blades have a sedate, undulating hamon, this sword has a wild, hard to describe hamon with so much to see.

The blade's shape is shinogi zukuri with a chu kissaki.

asking $6,000 or Best offer for this now rare blade as Howard is now not taking any new orders

can if asked send photos