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To raise some funds I'm selling my Hanwei Tinker Bastard sword (SH2400, sharp version).
Bought this sword some time ago, only did some light cutting practise with it and it has spend the rest of it's time in it's sheath covered in oil.
It has a few light scratches but no serious damage.
Because the standard grip of this sword is rather narrow and thin even for small hands I wrapped the grip in special water-proof anti-slip tape. It gives a very secure grip without being rough to the hands. Definitely an improvement on the standard grip. On the picture the glue seem (where I added some extra glue to be absolutely sure the wrapping wouldn't come of) is a lot more visible than in normal lighting due to the bright lamp.
There is a very small bend in the blade, it came like this brand new and Hanwei just calls this a factory variation due to it's handmade nature. It is however hardly even noticeable and certainly does not impair function in any way. The bend starts about 11cm from the tip and has a maximum deviation from the centreline of about 1,75mm at the end of the tip.
The last notable point is that the scabbard does not fit snugly to the blade and rattles, this was already the case when I bought it brand new but if you know Hanwei then you know this is to be expected.

This sword goes for about 300-330 euro brand new so considering the small defects I'll let this sword go to a new owner for 200 euro.
The sword is located in The Netherlands (Europe) and can be shipped to most parts of Europe at a reasonable rate (about 20 to 35 euro).
I accept paypal and bank transfer.
I'm not really looking to trade but am interested in type XII(a)/XVI(a)-ish swords and bare blades.