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Up for sale is an older version of the mid-13th century sword from Darksword Armory. This is a model from before they updated their logo. I bought this second hand with the intention of re-polishing it, but it has just sat on my wall since.

Asking price is $200 USD. Buyer will pay shipping as well.

The sword is in okay condition, but could really use an all around tune up. This sword would be perfect for someone who intends to take it apart and fix it. The sword is still pretty solid, despite the crossguard being quite loose. The grip and pommel are still rock solid though.

The blade is in very good condition apart from the large patches of rust on either side. It is un-sharpened. There is also some rust forming around the hilt. The leather on the grip is still soft and well sewn together.

The scabbard is in okay shape. There doesn't seem to be anything structurally wrong with it, but it doesn't fit the sword very well. It is made from wood and wrapped in leather, with steel chape and throat which have gathered some rust.

Overall its an old sword with many years to come if cleaned up well. Darksword swords are tough as nails and I'd like to see it go to someone who will clean this sword up and use it.

PM me if interested. Thanks,

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