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Hello all,

I've wrestled with putting this sword up for a month now. The holidays (namely the expense of the holidays) have pushed me over the edge. So here it is, my Albion Fiore. I'm the second owner of this sword having picked her up in 2013. Since then she's hung on my wall and seen zero cutting and very little handling, which is a shame as this sword is a pleasure to practice with. There's a little bit of rust here and there, but nothing that won't be cleaned up before shipping. About the only flaw is the pommel was peened ever so slightly off center. The sword isn't loose and rings like a bell, and you have to stare at it from the peen down the blade to even notice, but its there. I REALLY like this sword, but it's a production piece and I'd like to get my mom an expensive piece of electronics so I'm moving her along. I'm asking $700 shipped and pay paled in the CONUS. If you happen to live in the NY metro area (or feel like a road trip) and can pick her up in person (cash only in person please), I'll knock $50 off that price. Pics will follow either tonight or tomorrow, schedule permitting.