For Sale: MRL Coustille and sword hilted dagger
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have my eyes on another dagger, and to afford it, I'm looking to sell a couple of modified Windlass/Museum Replicas pieces.

The first is a sharpened Sword Hilted Dagger. The wheel pommel was resized to reduce the weight and make it more in line with the size of the blade (IMO, windlass made the pommel of this dagger way too big). The center of the pommel was also ground concave, rather than flat like on the MRL pieces, to give it a bit of character. The quillons were also shortened to look more like an extant piece I had seen. The plastic grip was removed, and a shaped wooden grip added and covered with pig skin.

I made a custom wood cored sheath for it.. The core was made with 1/8" yellow poplar and also covered in pigskin but with the addition of decorative risers, which I did not do on the handle.
Both the dagger handle and the scabbard are dyed black and sealed using floor wax. It has neither a chape nor a throat..

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The other piece is a sharpened NLA museum replicas Coustille (the newer style). It also has custom scabbard and the grip was re-profiled narrower and less blocky and risers and a pig-skin wrap added. It is currently un-dyed. It has had no
The scabbard is also made with a 1/8" yellow poplar core, shellacked, and wrapped with a fine grade 2 oz. cow-hide. It is also currently un-dyed. The seam is lapped straight stitch. This scabbard also lacks a throat or chape.
I can dye the sword and scabbard for you (I have brown, light brown, blue, green, tan, red and oxblood). But I won't do any tooling, and if you intend to tool the scabbard, you should do so before dying and sealing it.

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Buyer pays shipping. PM me if you have any questions.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I don't know why it cut off, but in the description of the coustille, it should say "It has had no modification made to the pommel, crosshilt or the blade.)

And I forgot to add the prices.
I'd like to get $100 for the dagger. And $125 for the coustille.

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