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I'm selling my 13ga stainless fixed grill onion top bascinet by Illusion Armory. I've fought in this thing for 3 years, and it is a TANK. I'm a 23.5" brow, but this thing's got a ton of padding in it. It's stopped a couple of what felt like meteorites from shakin' up my squash, and doesn't have a dent in it. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about it. Josh Warren and I added a leather strip, and vervelles to it when I first got it, and I've since attached an aventail, but the aventail is not included. It is padded and strapped. Ready to rock straight out of the box.

I'll take some more pics of the thing closer up if anyone wants, but not much about it has changed since these pics were taken. Any questions, please ask. Yes, I will clean off the tape marks before I ship it.

$350+shipping OBO

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At a practice - 2012

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After scrubbing off the tape marks - 2013

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On the war field at Great Western War 2012