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Hello looking to sell a Leuterit Viking Sword and Sticklestad Viking Sword. Paypal is method for payment, fee is added into price. Allow a day or 2 to ship after payment is made.

Leuterit Viking Sword

that I got from
It was sharpened by them and comes as I received it. No cutting done with it.
Sword comes with scabbard, picture on KoA shows it. Solid piece, no loose parts.
$160 shipped in Con US.

Sticklestad Viking Sword
This one I have had for many years. I got it from Museum Replicas Limited. They are the ones who sharpened it. I have done no cutting with this piece. The cross guard can be moved slightly and might make small clink noise when it does. Still solid, not about to come apart, just thought I should mention it. Handle and scabbard are like a suede, original.
$140 shipped in Con US.

Sorry about the pictures. They seemed clearer when looking at the camera
Spitfire email minus the space before the 9