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This is a matched set of the Torino Rapier and Dagger. I treated them the way I like to: I got them in the Antiqued version then buffed off a fair bit of the antiquing stain. The result is that the blackening stays in the low places, between the wire wrap and in the metal texture and buffs off the high places. To my mind this results in a much nicer patina than the one they put on when they made them. I just don't like the look of the shiny versions - to me they don't look like veteran's weapons.

I understand that the Torino set is no longer being made; I'm not sure if thatís true but Kult of Athena Ė fine folks Ė no longer offers the Torino rapier.

Besides the cosmetic treatment I also made a frog for the dagger. I found that the dagger is a bit hilt-heavy Ė youíll see that in the pictures below Ė and that when I wore it with a narrow Elizabethan belt it had a tendency to lean a little too close to horizontal. So I made a wet-work belt frog for the dagger and blended the dyes to match the color of the scabbards. Being wet worked leather the dagger scabbard snaps into the frog very securely.

I have done no cutting or piercing, just non-contact floor practice. I have been able to manage point control about the same as I can with any of my Italian grip epees. This is a sword for putting the point anywhere you want it Ė fast!

Here are the pictures:

In hand:

Displaying a balance that encourages some thefty point work:

Showing the length:

The point:

Some blade:

The Rapier and Scabbard:

The Dagger in the Scabbard and Frog:
(I should say that there's no actual gap between the quillon and the locket when it's worn. The blade fits all the way in the scabbard. I just didn't check when I put it down for the picture.)

The Dagger Ensemble:

And finally, the balance point of the dagger. The dagger point is just as thefty as the rapier and it has a point like a hypodermic.

Make no mistake. These are (very!) sharps.

Now, as to the price: Iíve done some looking around and the lowest price that Iíve seen for the Rapier is $297, if you can find one. The lowest price Iíve seen for the dagger is $126.95. That would be $423.95 for the pair, plus shipping, and that's the minimum if you can find them at all.

So I donít feel that anyone should complain if I ask $325 for the pair, plus shipping.
Of course I take Paypal and I donít mind paying the fees for their service.