This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

For sale first, a Martial Art Sword "Dragon Jingum" :
steel L6
nagasa 72,5cm / 75cm with habaki
motohaba 35mm
motokasane 5,5mm
tsuka 30cm
weight 1128g.

This model doesn't exist anymore with the brass fittings on the saya, now there are horn. There is a long thin crack in the lacquer on the mune of the saya.
1700 or make me an offer.

Second for sale is a Kaneie okatana :
steel T10
nagasa 79cm / 81,5cm with habaki
motohaba 33mm
motokasane 7,5mm
tsuka 27cm
weight 960g

Saya redone in two tones black ishime/cherry red.
1300 or make me an offer.

I prefer to ship in Europe but buyers from other countries are welcome if they pay for shipping.

Thank you.

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