This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I'm interested in purchasing unwanted sallets for reasonable prices.

The short version is I'd like good-to-medium quality German-style sallets from known makers, for medium-sized heads.

Here are some more detailed criteria, to give a better idea of what I'm after, and save us both time:

- Must be custom, quality pieces - not mass-produced stuff from India.
- Need to have provenance. While I'm not purchasing these as collectors' items, I would like to know who made them. Ideally this will be provable, such as in the form of a clearly-identifiable maker's mark, receipt, confirmation email from maker, or link/PDF of forum listing where you purchased it from.
- From known makers. While I won't discount super-high-end makers, I don't need 'art' pieces. Functional, work-a-day sallets from makers such as White Rose, Anshelm Arms, Francois L'Archeveque, Mark Vickers, Jeff Hedgecock, Stanislav Prosek, Arma Bohemia, etc are fine. I'm also happy with some of the better eastern European makers, such as Roman Tereschenko, Willy Trambone (and friends), Wild Armoury, and Hammerbreaker, but please nothing from folks like Steel Mastery, Armstreet, or the like.
- Should fit within historical parameters for design and construction (ie, no SCA-bars, not over-heavy tanks, and not lightweight shelf-sitters).
- Related to this, should be acceptable for living history and harnischfecten use.
- Welded or one-piece raised is fine, but please let me know which it is.
- Mild or stainless steel okay; hardened or not also okay - but I'd like to know which it is.
- I'd like to know the guague / thickness in mm, as well as total weight for the sallet.
- Ideally of 'German' or Italian export style - a slightly elongated tail, rather than the truncated Italian versions. No lobster tails or bellows visors, thanks.
- Raisable visor (no open-faced/'archers' models, or one-piecers).
- For 22-23 inch, or 56-58 cm head including good liner; larger (up to 24") is fine if there's room for adding a liner.
- Come with liner, or have leather band ready to attach liner.
- Doesn't need to be in perfect condition, but needs to be functional. In other words, light rust, liners needing replacement, and small dents are fine. Heavy rust, large dents, and no liner bands not fine. Sallets in near-new condition also fine.
- Asking prices of no more than $1000; ideally, selling price would be the about 50%-70% of normal retail price. The price I'm happy to pay would depend on the maker, condition, execution, materials, construction, etc.
- I'm happy with them coming from anywhere in the world, as long as you're happy to arrange shipping. I'll also pay full shipping cost.
- You'd need to be able to send pics of the sallet from both sides, front, back, top, and bottom.

If you think you have something that migh fit the bill, please contact me via PM here, with the following details:
Steel type
Construction type (welded or raised)
Metal thickness
Condition (including any known problems/issues)
Liner - present or not, type, and condition
Head size - either 'to fit head' including liner, or actual measurement of circumference at liner.
Asking price.