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Hi everyone,

This is my last Jody Samson sword I'm letting go. (Selling) I think it has an eastern fair with its curved blade.
Overall length is 40 3/4", Blade length 30 1/2" with a beautiful grind. The guard is made out of blacken steel which appears to have Celtic design and flame darken components. It's very clean design and the guard is small enough as not to catch on clothing but 4 1/2" wide to protect and prevent the hand from slipping onto the blade. Approx. weight is 2lb 4 oz. The sword is quite subdued but don't let that fool you; Itís Very quick and can change direction in a blink of an eye like a hummingbird. This is a sword that can not only be carried all day but battle-ready if needed without fatigue.

I purchased this sword sometime back in 2003. This sword is dated 2003 with his signature and mark
(Lionís head w/ the Samson mark)The base has a beautiful curve with a nice deep grind and is extremely sharp.
The widest point the blade is approx. 2" and tapers nicely to the tip. (Done by Samson himself.). The curved brown leather wrapped handle is made by his apprentice at the time Shan-Aan and at 10 inches long it can be wield by one hand as easily as two. With a nice curve ending and a round pommel softened with designs on the hilt. Of all the swords Jody Samson makes sometimes he mixes sword steel design along with different hilts to get a different appearance. I haven't found one with this blade design and hilt set up or the type of grind and curve.

The price I'm asking is (firm) is $1200.00(I paid quite a bit more back in 2003.) I'm firm on this price which includes a hard box and shipping in the 48 states. Anywhere else we can make some sort of arrangement .PLEASE! SERIOUS INQUIRES Only. No Trade. I am downsizing my collection Thanks to allÖ Phil ( Keep the faith in steel).

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