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Hello All

The first Item is an altered Armoury Marek custom Two-hander. It's pommel was reduced in mass to aid in weight and harmonic balancing. Thick blade, moves better than it originally did. It is not quick or finesse due to the weight. It is blunt, edges are squared. Based off some danish and scottish lowland swords.

I like the sword, but I never use it for anything. I would rather it didn't collect dust. Between it being my design and just gorgeous, it's hard to part with. I just want it to actually be used for something.

Weight: ~6 lbs (2.73 kg) According to my scale.
Length: 59 inches
Blade: 42 inches
balance point: 2 inches from cross guard.
Cross width: 10 inches

Asking $350 plus shipping.

The second item is my Revival clothing medieval wrestling jacket. Sized "Large." It's a nice jacket, good for longsword use too. Holds arm armor quite well, doesn't move or pull when fencing. I'm selling it because I prefer straight arms with the montante, and these are bent at the elbow. It's a really nice jacket.

Asking $100 plus shipping.

PM me if interested in either of these.

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