Feedback on Albion Arn handling charateristics
I have an Albion Arn sword coming to me by next month, with a custom scabbard & belt made by Christian Fletcher. I was just a little curious on how this sword actually handles, & if the blade on the sword is as sharp as other Albion models. Albion is not known to let their customers down, but I would like some feedback from individuals who actually wielded this particular sword...

Thank you...

P.S - And I will also post pictures of this work of art, as soon as I recieve it...
I almost bought one awhile back, but was luckily able to try out a friend's before making the purchase.

Now, as for me personally, I felt the Arn to be a bit sluggish in the hand. It had too much blade presence and weighed a good bit more than I cared for. Lastly, the blade was a bit too long for my tastes in single-handers. The Albion quality construction was there, and the Arn would make one hell of a shield-splitter; but I did not personally care for the design..

This, of course, is totally a matter of personal opinion. Your mileage and the mileage of others may differ greatly. :)
I really like long one-handers and though I have not handled the Arn sword, I have handled swords of similar size and really appreciate the added reach and heft. I am quite sure you will be overjoyed when your sword arrives, I know I would be!

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