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Iím putting my Del Tin 2160 up for sale. Itís a shame, but I think of all the swords Iím getting rid of recently, this hurts the leastÖ :)
This is an early 16th Century hand-and-a-half with side- and finger-rings. Itís been sharpened, with a couple of signs of this visible on the blade. Iíve blued the hilt furniture, but this can be removed quite easily if you want to. Iíve also re-wrapped the grip with green leather as the original grip was tattered and coming apart. I like the combination, but again itís an easy enough project should you want to re-do it yourself.
Like most Del Tins, this is a hefty sword. It definitely produces some powerful cuts, and with the shape of the grip, pommel, and inclusion of the complex guard, offers a lot of options when handling.

Brand new, this would cost you around £370 plus postage from Fulvio, as well as any waiting times concurrent with his workload. Iím offering this for £250 plus postage.

This is aimed at the UK market, but I'm happy to respond to queries from overeas.

I accept paypal and bank transfers. If you'd like any more pictures, or you have any questions, please PM me or e-mail me at