This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

As per my other recent posts, Iím trying to raise a bit of money by selling off my higher-end pieces.
This is Albionís Norman sword, as you can see. This is with Albionís brown grip, which looks slightly reddish-brown in real-life.

Not much more I can say about this one that hasnít been said before. It handles like a dream, and is arguably my favourite sword in my collection. Itís a real quality piece, like all Albions. The gripís seam is almost invisible, as is the peen on the pommel. There are no marks on the blade as it hasnít been sharpened or used: just hung on the wall for all to see. I will of course oil the whole sword when I send it out to make sure itís in good condition when it reaches the buyer.

I am including an Albion campaign scabbard with the sword. This is one of Albionís offerings, specifically designed to fit this blade-type. Itís also in brown, and whilst the fit is a little loose, is a lovely example with a very neat back-stitched seam and U-shaped chape. There are some indentations near the throat from where a suspension system has creased the leather, but itís nothing too noticeable. This will be provided FREE with the sword, as itís no use keeping one without the other! :D
Iíve had a look on both Albionís US site, and Albion Europe, and they seem to be in the process of re-jigging their scabbard offerings. I think I remember these scabbards costing in excess of £200 each, but donít quote me on that. Either way, a free one is a bargain!

Brand new the sword alone would cost £630 from Albion Europe, plus postage. Iím asking £450 + postage, including the scabbard. Hopefully someone will see it and fancy expanding their collection a bit.

Iím really aiming this at the UK market, as we donít see enough Albions up for sale over here. However, I would entertain queries from overseas but would need your address to calculate postage costs.

I accept paypal and bank transfer. If youíd like to see more pictures, just PM or e-mail me at