This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I am off to school in a few months and am trying to sell off the rest of my kit for Western Martial Arts. I've studied mainly Fiore but messed around a bit with the dussack, and so all the stuff in my kit are practice weapons/tools for the medieval era. Anyway, the kit includes the following:

-One Generation 2 German Two-Handed Practice Sword. In great condition with only a couple of minor scratches. The sword is about 4 lbs, a little on the heavy side but handles nicely. Has a schilt, and is supposedly modeled after the pieces shown in Meyer's fechtbuch.

-One Hanwei Practical Arming Sword/Knightly Sword. Again, great condition with only a couple of very minor scratches. Includes a sort of poly-resin/imitation wood/decent enough scabbard.

-One Hanwei Practical Norman Sword. New condition, no scratches, includes scabbard.

-Two New Sterling Arms hickory dussacks. These have been lightly used and have one or two small bumps on the edges where I've sanded them down.

-One Purpleheart Armory hickory rondel dagger. Good condition, also lightly used.

-Two Cold Steel "Practice Hand-and-a-Half Swords". Good condition, one blade has a slight nick in it, less than 1/16th", and both blades are have some minor scratching. Good for light sparring or for drills not requiring much contact.

-"Fighting With The German Longsword" by Christain Henry Tobler. Good condition, slightly dog-eared at cover corners due to much use.

-"Fiore Dei Liberi's Sword In Two Hands" by Brian Price. New condition, great shape.

-Massimo Malipiero's transcription of Fiore Dei Liberi's "Il Fior Di Battaglia", Getty copy with analyzation and commentary on the text in Italian. Excellent condition.

All of these items are included in this kit, and are for sale for $440.00, including shipping and handling. Ships from Oregon via USPS Ground. I am only shipping in the in continental U.S though, sorry. Books will be in a separate shipment than the swords but will be shipped at the same time. I can only accept payments via PayPal. If you have any questions, AND/or if you would like to see pictures (the kit really does exist) you can contact me via myArmoury.