This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have enormously enjoyed being the steward of Manigandr and Wearghremm for the last couple years. But for the past couple of months I've been running a "test" of sorts, where I put a blade of decent quality on the boat and then TRIED TO KEEP IT FROM RUSTING. Despite my best efforts I have miserably failed. My test results suggest to me that if I did the selfish thing and moved the Manigandr and the Wearghremm aboard the Valhalla, that I would be sentencing them to fairly swift decay and degradation, leading to a premature death. I just can't do that to these blades.

Hence, they are for sale. The following prices are negotiable. Contact me by phone so that we can speak personally. I don't view the upcoming transactions as sales so much as I do adoptions, and I am screening the new family.

Manigandr: $7000

Wearghremm: $8000

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Manigandr comes with the case pictured here.

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Wearghremm comes with a case, made by Jake Powning.