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Hello All,

Up for grabs is my Christian Fletcher/Albion Boderwatch with custom Scabbard by Russ Ellis and Replica movie belt. Photos and a review can be seen and read on the Tritonworks website. (Mines the 6th sword in line and the only boderwatch)

and the review.......

I'm selling this with the replica LOTR Ranger belt as the scabbard was made to mate with it. The belt closely mimics the movie belt having a leather pouch, Sharpening stone, and a nice tooled leather finish. As far as I know Blades by Brown only commissioned a few of these so the belt is fairly rare.

This is a great sword and it pains me to let it go but responsibilities beckon. The price of the sword, scabbard, by-knife, and belt set is just $975 shipped in the CONUS to the lucky Person who snatches up this unique set. Paypal os preferred and I don't charge a fee. Thanks for looking.