This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Getting rid of odds and sods from the cupboard and thought I'd offer them here first-

C19th sabre briquet and scabbard. McFarthingbowls has this at 100+ but I'll do it for 60 ono inc UK P+P
Small nick out of the blade- certainly not sharp but not standard reenactment blunt either

Theatrical smallsword hilts- modern stainless parts that need a hilt and blade (doublewide epee blades are best). Not authentic but good for stagecombat or WMA etc as shown here-
Each piece 10 each, inc UK P+P

2 x #504. Crown Guard
2 x #SQ1. Mini Guard (Stainless)
2 x #KG1. Knuckle Guard
2 x #P9. Big Ball Pommel

Hanger/ Messer
Made from a modern machete so this is sharp. 20 ono inc UK P+P