This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I am thinking of expanding my collection and going for more historical swords. There is nothing wrong with this sword first off. Normally, a DSA Gothic sword will cost you $275-$310 depending on where you go to buy. This however is not an off the shelf model. It has been fully hand sharpened by Brian Kunz. He also rewrapped the grip in dark green cord wrap, rewrapped the scabbard in green suede, and added a custom 2 point suspension system. New this cost me $610 not including shipping cost there and back. I would be willing to sell this piece for $330 shipped Fedex ground. This is about the same price new after shipping that a stock unsharpened 1332 will cost from AOV. I will not reduce the price any further due to the cost of the custom work that was done for the sword. This sell will close on 8/1/2008. Again, nothing wrong with the sword, just looking to raise cash for other swords/ projects I am interested in.

Just so you know I work 12 hours Sunday to Tuesday and 6 on Wednessday so it it takes me a while to respond, well you know why ;).

48 inches overall length
POB 5-6 inches
weight 3.6 pounds

If anyone wants out door pictures I can take them on thrusday.