Wanted: Anglo/saxon stuff - shield boss/seax/spear
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Guys (and those of you who are not "guys"),
I am putting this out as sort of a feeler to see if anyone out there has some items that I am looking to get in the near future (meaning as soon as funds allow, which should be in the next couple weeks or so). Eventhough I technically can't afford them yet, I have found that it usually takes awhile to find someone who is selling what you want anyhow. So here goes.
In sort of a rough order of how I want to acquire things, I am going to be looking for...
1. Round shield boss (I know where to find them new but used really shouldn't hurt it any). This is the first thing that I am interested in getting (doesn't mean I won't entertain buying the other stuff though).
2. Anglo/Saxon style thrusting spear head. Something with a split socket made from decent steel that could actually be used to stab the hell out of something.
3. Broken back seax with around a 12" or so blade. Might consider a little bigger or smaller. Also needs to be fully functional and might even see some use as a camp knife (if you have something like that its a shame to not use it once in awhile).

Possible - Anyone got any mail links lying around? Maybe a project that you lost interest in and now you are stuck with? I will eventually need enough to make a mid-thigh length shirt for a 5'10" 215lb (give or take) man. I might be your ticket to unloading something you don't want or need anymore.

As I said, this is not an "I have cash and will buy right now!" thread. Rather, it is a "feeler" to see if anyone wants to start working on some deals. Please PM me if you do.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Still looking. If anyone has any of these items I have money now (from a refund on a gun). I'd like to find the shield boss first. I have bought from Viking Shield before and will probably get one from them if I can't find one on here but I figured I'd ask in case someone has one in a closet just wasting shelf space.
Also looking for a seax and a spear or spear head w/ a split socket. Again, I have sources for ordering that I have already contacted about this but I figured I would ask in case I can avoid a wait and get some good gear secondhand.
Also eventually looking to get some mail rings. If you have a significant amount you are looking to rid yourself of I'm interested.

This is now an "I have case and can buy tomorrow" thread!
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I am probably no longer interested in a boss unless it is cheap because I have contacted viking sheild about the ones they offer.
But I am still looking for a spear or spear head and a seax.
Please let me know if you got something you'd like to sell

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