This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I like this sword but I'm also enterteining the thought of exchanging it for something else. Especially because I can't play or cut with it right now. The thrill of the hunt ;)

I'm the second owner, I have only cut a water bottle and a pool noodle with it. Previous owner had cut some ham and parts of the blade have small sharpening marks from the stone in some areas of the edge. Not something I can photograph. It is pretty minor but the sword is no longer pristine. It's still sharp.

It's the sword from this thread, its condition hasn't changed:

I don't have anything specific in mind. Will consider all offers. Another sword from Albion, Sulowski, Kopciuch or some other maker, another type of weapon, with me or you paying the difference. As long as I like it it's fine :)