Chiisagatana - shortened and remounte Practical Katana blade
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

This sword was a hobby project completed something like 15 years or more ago (how time flies!).
The last one I will be selling this year.

I mostly lost my interest in Japanese style swords (and completed some others since then anyway) so decided to put this one up for sale.

Picture are in an album here:

It started with a Practical Katana from Paul Chen (it looks like the model hasn’t changed much since then).
I shortened and refinished the blade (forming new and much cleaner shaped tang), completely rebuilt the handle using traditional methods and materials, replaced tsuba, and shortened the saya (adding polished buffalo horn kojiri at the end).

With 23" blade and 11" tsuka it represents my idea of "chiisagatana" (intermediate sword between katana and wakizashi, mounted with katana length handle) - at least this is what my Internet research led me to believe.

Anyway, I like the design and balance for several practical reasons. It is quite a "healthy" and strong blade, yet the improved balance allows for one-handed use (much better then original PK, which was way too blade heavy). And the ability to use two-handed is still here! Besides, at this blade length it can be used indoors - I can take a full overhead swing in my house and clear the ceiling by a safe couple of inches. I guess it would work as a katana for someone of relatively small stature, too (like a young teenager).

Details on handle construction:
- 11" tsuka with poplar core (tang goes within 1" from kashira, so it should be strong enough). It is shaped with a little "waist" in the middle, which makes the grip surprisingly more comfortable. Fit is tight, but not too tight for dismounting.
- I used real same (ray skin) panels under the wrap (though not very fine quality same, with small nodules). The wrap is black silk, and I even used those paper triangles (hishigame?) under it! While probably not up to professional tsuka-maki standards, I think it came out pretty well.
- gold dragon menuki from Rick Barrett (placed in reversed position, or gyaku-menuki, to be the under palms when in use).
- patinated bronze dragon tsuba from Rick Barrett. It is rather smallish (closer to big wakizashi size), just as I wanted it.
- brass seppa (made to fit fuchi and tsuba), edges fileworked with a round needle file.
- I reused original fuchi and kashira (both blackened steel). However, the original fuchi was just a ring or collar, so I had to make and solder in place a copper plate (the one that has a hole for the tang to go through). And then I needed to repatinate it, which was a challenge in itself but came out nice dark brown. Now it is a fully traditional, though simple, fuchi.
- mild steel pin (mekugi) holding the handle in place.

The sword was used by me in years past for some light cutting and just swinging around, nothing heavy enough to wear it out. Still, I re-polished the blade before putting it up for sale, to get rid of some minor scuff marks or discoloration. A “working polish” of course (2000 grit sandpaper), full blown traditional polish would be a waste on this kind of blade. I believe I did at least as good a job as the factory polish. You can just see the straight hamon (tempering line) under the right light. Actually it is visible even in one of the pictures I posted, even though the surface doesn't look like it really is...

Asking $225, which is about what a basic PK goes for these days. With all the extras described above, it should be a very good deal (if you like this blade length and style, of course).
Plus $20 shipping (continental US).
Preferred payment method is PayPal.
Feel free to ask any questions if you are interested.


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Price lowered.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Asking price lowered to $195 , shipping included (continental US).

Hoping someone will get if for Christmas while there is still time!

Price lowered again
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Asking price lowered to $175, shipping included (continental US).

Last try here, if it doesn't sell in a couple of weeks will put it on ebay.


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