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Hello All,

I find myself in that place where they hobby has taken me more towards custom pieces but the safe has a lot of nice production pieces in it, some of whom need to go find new homes. Here is one such piece.

The guys at Arms and Armor named this hand a half sword the Durer in honor of the weapon carried in some of Durer's wood cuts, they mention A Knight, Death and the Devil on their website. It's a great woodcut:

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It's also a very nice sword:

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Overall Length: 47.5"; Blade Length: 36.5"; Blade Width: 1.65"; Quillon Width: 8.4"; Grip Length: 8.5"; Balance Point: "; Weight: 3.1 lbs

This sword is in pristine condition and has never been used to cut anything. It has just been oiled regularly and kept in my safe. Basically, it's a brand new sword.

My asking price is 875 dollars shipped.

If you want a scabbard with the sword (I would love to make one like in the woodcut) let me know and we can work out some sort of package deal.

I would also be willing to consider full or partial trades for custom pieces, I am especially interested in seaxes, rondel daggers and of course swords.


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