For Sale: Edward Fox sallet
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

This sallet was made by the English armourer Edward Fox.

The form features a slightly downswept, then upswept tail. This isnít commonly-seen in extant historical examples, but can be seen in many examples of period artwork. While it looks at first a little quirky compared with standard ĎGermaní / souíwester / long-tail sallets, or the shorter-tailed ĎItalianí sallets, after seeing the examples in artwork, and then comparing to other repros, it does have a certain kind of spunk.

I donít know the exact thickness of the steel, but it feels bombproof and I think was fabricated for English re-enactment use. However, itís not overbuilt and feels fine to wear.

The sallet features a sturdy leather headband and liner, so could be worn with an arming cap, or you could easily install your own suspended cloth liner.

The inner circumference at the liner seems to be about 22.5 inches; it fits my 22.25 inch head with room for a light arming cap.

The chin strap is a saucy shade of red.

This piece is located in New Zealand, and will ship via NZ Postís International Courier at cost with full insurance. (The online calculator suggests cost to the US, for example, would be about US$65.)

Price is US$295.

Please donít hesitate to PM me if you need any more information.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

This rare sallet is still available.

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