This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Well guess I'll list this up for sale again. I had it for sale for a week pre-Christmas but I decided to pull it off. I stripped the bulky leather from the grip for more comfortable grip and it revealed a small crack in the handle (you can see the crack in hilt pic, it's small but something I should mention). Sword has never been used for cutting. It is very nice viking sword but currently I'm reducing my collection and I'll sell or trade this one. I can list accurate stats if someone wants them but it's Hanwei Cawood, so it's pretty much up to specs.

Price 200 + shipping & Paypal (would prefer selling inside Europe as postage costs will be much cheaper inside Europe)

I did say I might be up for a trade, here are some models I might be looking for - or something similar to these, pretty low end as I can't afford upgrading.

I might also agree on some Del Tins but they are generally bit more expensive than this one.
Windlass English twohander
Windlass Oakeshott XVIII