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I have recently discussed that my collection has grown too large. I have a lot of money tied up in my collection and it takes up a ton of space. I want to upgrade the rest of my life and that requires I make some hard choices and unload some of my prized possessions. Please help me raise some cash and make some room so I can move into a better place. You, yes you, can make a difference.

I have for sale an Albion Next Generation Dane Limited Edition Medieval Danish Two-Handed War Sword.

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This is an awesome sword with beautiful details. The blade geometry is very complex with its extremely thick flared ricasso and deep fuller that runs through it. The grip has beautifully executed spirally wire-wrapped accents that are so common on historical Danish swords of this type. The piece is extremely nimble because of its unique dynamic characteristics, making it that much cooler. The pivot point is very close to the blade tip and so the user is able to put it exactly where one intends in a surprisingly agile way. This sword in many ways feels like a hand-and-a-half longsword, but with a lot more impact!

I bought this piece as a birthday present for myself a couple years back and have been extremely happy about the choice. You can read my first impressions about it in my topic about it. Please see my description, complete stats, and a full set of photos of my sword in My Collection Gallery.

Photos of the actual sword being offered for sale here:

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Overall length: 58"
Weight: 4.6 pounds
Blade: 42" long; 1.4" wide at base
Point of Balance (PoB): 4" from guard
Center of Percussion (CoP): ~24.5" from guard

Additional info:

The piece for sale has an oxblood grip and will be shipped in the original box as supplied by Albion. It is in "like-new" condition. This is an amazing piece and I'd love to keep it. It's large and one of the last things I've bought myself so it falls prey to the last in, first out methodology. I will be moving into a smaller place hopefully sometime in the near future and that means I have to downsize my collection.

MY ASKING PRICE: $1450 or best offer

Direct from Albion this would cost you $1,800 plus shipping. This is a 20% mark-down. I prefer PayPal. Add 3% mark-up to offset PayPal fee. Shipping is extra.

Questions or comments can be Private Messaged to me here on or via email.

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