This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have for sale a jousting harness based on the armour of arch duke Sigismund of the Tyrol made by A plaisence. ( photos of armourers stamp can be provided)

It is in great condition although there are a couple of rivets need replacing and 2 very minor small rust patches which I will clean off if I find a buyer.

It would fit someone of around 5'10- 6' with a 44-46" chest but since this is quite a commitment I'd recommend anyone interested coming to visit me in Nottingham to try it on. The helmet will fit a head of 58cm circumference and is lined with blue brocade. It also has an integrated bevor for jousting requirements).

alternatively i can provide detailed measurements via email.

If you would like pictures or want to enquire email me at

It really is a work of art and not often a harness like this appears for sale ( apart from the eBay Indian tat which still cost 2k!!) The proceeds from this will go into the new house kitty as were buying a place next year. Even if it weren't used for jousting it would look beautiful on a stand.

I'd like in the region of 4000 ( I was told it cost over 8000 new and looking at it had no reason not to believe that!) for it but will entertain sensible offers.

best wishes