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I am offering a wonderfull MRL/Windlass Certanouva (?) sword for sale. This model has been discontinued by the maker and is sold out. This is too bad as this is one of the better swords Windlass has ever made. It has a wonderfull 2.5" wide , very stiff (no whippiness at all) blade, a full, beefy tang peened over the solid brass pummel. The brass on the handle is solid, heavy and with a full polish. The sword comes with a custom made, wood core leather wrapped scabbard and hand cut leather belt. Antiqued green finish. The original windlass scabbard is included as well ( 2 scabbards!)

Sword Stats: 38" overall, 31" blade, 2.5" wide, weight 3 lbs. approx. POB. 5" approx.

Asking $300us + $20 (shipping for Canada/Usa), paypal preffered, no trades.

If anyone is interested please contact me through my email ( ) or send a pm.


more photos available here:

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