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PostPosted: Mon 15 Oct, 2007 9:57 pm    Post subject: For Sale: Randal Graham collaboration katana- Yacho         Reply with quote

This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Very special sword for sale here- here is alot of info from Brian VanSpeybroeck's site. More pics are available at The sword has been used for cutting a few times, and has some scuffs and a 1/4" chip on the saya.

This is a tactical mounted katana of 5160 steel and has been heat treated to have a 50/50 mix of Bainite and Martensite in it's microstructure. This means that Yacho can be flexed so severely that it can actually exceed a 90 degree bend and yet still return to straight without permanently setting. It also means that this blade is so hard it can skate a file! Vital statistics and measurements are as follows!

Nagasa (cutting edge length) = 29"
Handle length = 10"
Total weight= 3lbs 3.6 oz.
Sori (depth of blade curvature) = shallow curve, approx 8mm
Center of gravity (balance point) = 5.5" in front of guard
Motohaba (width of blade at the base) = 1 3/8ths inches
Sakihaba (width of blade at the end) = 1 1/8th inches
Motokasane (thickness of blade at the base) = 7/32" or 5.5mm
Sakikasane (thickness of blade at the end) = 7/32" or 5.5mm

This sword features ultra rugged construction and specialized heat treatment. The handle and hardware are designed so that they are not able to come off of the sword as a safety feature. The handle is built up of irradiated polyolefin over the actual tang of the sword and it is then wrapped with nylon cord and overwrapped in a Japanese style wrap of black paracord. The end fittings are pinned to the sword with bamboo pins to create some amount of articulation or "breathing" as the sword flexes during cutting and are not designed to be removed. Copper spacers and a rust blackened steel guard complete the handle package. Since the handle is non removable, the blade has a proper riccasso instead of a copper habaki designed to secure the sword in the scabbard. I have additional pictures for serious and qualified buyers.

The scabbard is made of 5 seperate pieces of poplar wood and constructed such that the edge of the blade does not ride on a seam internally in the scabbard. The scabbard is coated with super tough epoxy to add durability and to increase the strength and improve safety by making it more difficult for the scabbard to crack. Yacho comes complete with a custom braided navy blue paracord sageo, or tying cord.

Taking $250 off what I paid just two months ago- available for $1750 shipped
please email me at if interested

thanks for looking

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