French mounted knight c.1290
This is a white metal kit of a European knight circa 1290 from El Viejo Dragon. I choose the heraldry of Ferry de Chambley and built the model around this person(s) - a quick ancestry search on the net found a father(?- 1230)and son(?-1320) both bearing this name. So the final product is mostly conjecture as to how he might have appeared based on writings and images of other knights from this time period.

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Hey, I really like that!
As a guy who does mini's, I say good show!

Nicely done. Is the pattern on the tunic painted, or a decal of some sort?
My only complaint is the lack of NMM on the miniature.

Hi all - thanks for the comments.

*Allen Andrews - The pattern on the surcoat is indeed several decals, each measuring about 3mm by 3mm. They were placed like one would put down floor tiles. Here is an image of one:
[ Linked Image ]

*M. Eversberg II - NMM... had to look that one up as I nevered heard of it before. Discovered I am familiar with the technique though and have used it on canvas. For now I will keep that for two dimensional surfaces. Do you have any images of your work posted on the net using this technique?
looks great to me. Very nicely done! I really like what you have done to his helmet.


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