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I am just starting to try forging but have limited sources for raw materials. If anyone knows of national or even international distributors of metals (copper, steel, carbon steel, bronze, and silver in bars, sheets, and/or chain/ring mail), and leather both soft or hardened it would be of great help.

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Sheet metal can be found all around -- check machine shops.

For maille work, check Lowes/etc for wire -- you can easily make butted maille.


There is a company out of Oklahoma called Jantz Supply that sells bar stock, and an assortment of other tools, equipment and supplies including leather, handle material, etc.

I think they are closer to being a retail outlet than a wholesaler, but offer small quantities that work well for small or hobby work. I don't know if you could reasonably expect to get a 40" slab of damascus steel from them, but they offer slabs and bars of a number of alloys, steel and brass.

I have not ordered from them, so cannot vouch for service. Just that they are there.

Here are a few links to sites I use/know of:

Good prices on steel bar stock/sheets, has brass and copper too

Also good prices on steel and brass

More jewelry oriented

Maille making stuff galore

That Jantz link is really neat! That one went straight to my bookmarks list :-)

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