Arms & Armour-Wagner's Book On-line !
Dont know if this has been posted before....I did a search first but I couldnt find any reference for this site. Some of you, like me, are on a tight budget and we all know how many books that we would lioke to have in our posession. The book "Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons" by Eduard Wagner, Zoroslava Drobnã and Jan Durdik was first published in the Czech language in 1958. The drawings mostly are taken from 14th & 15th C illustrations from manuscripts in the Czech Library and are quite accurately rendered.
Lets face it, most of us are absorbed by some areas of interrest whithin a particular book more that others, but we must purchase the entire book to access the relevent chapters, especially with reference books. The scans of this book are all of a reasonabally good size and it allows us access the data that pertains to our particular interrest areas without having to spend up on the whole publication. Its also quite handy, for those of us without scanners to e-mail the material and to use it in postings, etc. There are some very interresting weapons and armour types in these pages....esp the variation in Bascinets, etc. I posted this in "Historical Arms Talk" because its full of arms and armour, although it has other sections also.

Anyway........for those of you who know about it, no harm those who dont....Merry Christmas !!

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Since the post is about a book, not about historic arms & armour, it's best placed in the Off-Topic forum.
thank you
this is a great sight. do you know how i can translate?
Re: thank you
Craig Masters wrote:
this is a great sight. do you know how i can translate?

Hi Craig........Not without buying the book ! :D ... I just "checked" ( pardon the pun) and Babylfish dont do Czech to English.
But I just had a look for you and theres one copy of the book in Denver for only $6.48 !! Better be quick though...its here........

Best of luck...........the hunt is half the fun !!
Thanks for this link, Merv. I can't read Czech, either, but the illustrations look good!

Nice! I have tried getting my hands on this book before. Pity I did not see this earlier, 7 dollars.....

Nice book. Informative re. horse tack as well, but mainly is a presentation of period dress. Purchased a copy of it in Norway six years or so ago. Perhaps an on-line search of Norwegian booksellers might turn something up.

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