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I was used to look at this site but after a drive format, I lost my auto-log and I had a lot of problem to be able to reconnect (must recreate a new user with a other email).

Could it be possible to have a "forget your password" option that send you a temporary pass when you just write a valid email in a box, instead of having to remember your real name and the exact way you wrote it... and pray to still have the same email than when you register the first time 3 years ago...


I've moved your topic to the Suggestions and Requests sub-forum, the venue for these things. You might also want to contact Nathan Robinson via Private Message (PM).
There already is a "forgotten password" function at the login screen.

If you do not know your real name, we have bigger problems than can be resolved in this forum :)

Please browse our member list to find how you formatted your name. The only name I found that is similear is "Eric Letarte"... not exactly the same name as your name.

Since we only allow a single name from each user, I'm disabling your account, above. Please find your name in the list above and use the forgotten password function to reset your password.

If you've lost both your password -and- your email address, then you have big problems. Please find the name you've used and contact us to tell me what that name was and I'll delete it and reactive your new name.

It's everybody's responsibility to remember their password, know their own name, and have access to their email account. Should any single one of those things fail, we can help you, but anyone forgetting more than one of those items is pretty much out of luck.

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