upcoming hunting sword
I've been procrastinating studying for an upcoming professional exam, so I've actually been finishing up old projects! :)

Here's a cable damascus hunting sword in the works. I have a few ideas for hardware down on paper, but still tweaking ideas. The blade is 20" long, ~1.5" wide and ~3/16" thick average along the spine. The forward half has a false edge beveled along the top. It's made from improved plowshare cable. I'll be going hog hunting in June, maybe I'll get to use it.

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Re: upcoming hunting sword
Don Halter wrote:
I'll be going hog hunting in June, maybe I'll get to use it.
Well then ,may I suggest a suitable moniker? How about Porker Poker or Hog Hacker? :lol: Seriously, though, that's very cool. I've never seen a pattern in steel like that. Looking forward to seeing it hilted up. Nice work! :cool: :)
Looking good.
Looks like a nice beefy blade with a neat pattern. I look forward to seeing your hilt treatment. I would be partial to the traditional staghorn grip, knucklebow and shell guard, sort of like a mix of 85.S thru 87.S in Neumann's Swords & Blades of the American Revolution.
We must be on the same wavelength...I was just going over to the bookshelf to pull that one out! I already have the stag cut. I have a piece that fit the shape and size of the sword perfect. I've drawn up a few hilts, but haven't decided yet. I have a couple more hunting sword blanks almost ready for heat treat, so I'll probably do a few different designs and see what looks/feels best.

Originally I was trying to get stuff done for the Central Texas Knife show, but I'll be heading out of town. Spirit of Steel show may be possible, though.

P.S. I kinda like "swine sticker" as opposed to "pork poker". Porker Poker makes me think of the scene from Deliverance! :eek:

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