This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I have a beautiful Japanese Katana for sale, which I bought 3 years ago from Bugei Trading Company. It's in near-perfect, original condition with only two minor exceptions. First, I removed the original tsuba (guard) and mounted a replacement for personal aesthetic reasons. And second, the blade developed a light dusting of corrosion on a small section of it's length, about half-way down, and when I removed it, some of the mirror finish in that area was lost. Other than that small imperfection (only about 2 inches of the blade is affected) it's in gorgeous shape. Although it's a fully sharp, combat-ready sword, it's never been used for tameshigiri (test cutting) or any other kind of stressful activity. For the past 3 years it has simply been on display.

Without further ado, here are the details:

Blade Length: 29.5 inches (fully sharp, hand-forged carbon steel)
Tsuka Length (handle): 11 inches (wood, wrapped in real ray skin)
Tang Type: Full tang, secured by 2 mekugi (bamboo retaining pegs) and signed by the smith
Tsuba Type (guard): Blackened steel with the image of an eagle perched on a tree limb (not the original guard).
Sword Smith: Chen Chiao Po (his forge makes all Bugei blades)
Colors: Handle wrappings and scabbard are black.
Ornaments: Gold handle ornaments in the image of two small birds, handle collar is black with gold bamboo stalks, and
pommel cap is also black with gold bamboo stalks.

PRICE: $600 firm

Stipulations of sale:

Local offers only, please. I am located in Phoenix, Arizona and will only deal with buyers whom can take possession
of the sword in person. I will not ship this item. Interested local parties are welcome to set up a meeting to inspect the
sword 7 days a week.

Original price of this sword was $1, 280.00, as you can verify by visiting Bugei Trading Company's website. The name this
item is listed under is "Bamboo Style Katana". I am asking roughly half of what I payed for it, so it's definately a fair deal for
a used sword with a minor blade imperfection (cosmetic only).

All questions should be directed to my personal e-mail address ( and will be answered as
swiftly as my schedule permits.

In closing, I apologize for not being able to provide internet photos for your perusal, as I am simply not in the possession of a digital camera.

Thank you for your time and interest,
Max Ingram