peening a tang
I have a MRL European sword that I took apart because of some rattling in the grip, one thing lead to another and I took the pummel off as well. I'm ready to put the thing back together now and I need advise on how to peen the tang. I have tried using a propane torch, but cannot get it hot enough. I don't have ready access to a welder, any other suggestions? I thought about securing the tang into the pummel using JB weld. Any thoughts are appreciated.
whats teh deal here im not following?
does the tang stick out thru the the pommel?

best suggestions.

buy a copper pipe and split it in half and flatten it. place it on both sides of your sword blade and put the blade in a vise. then peen the tand onto the pommel with a cross peen or ball peen hammer.
You need Oxy-Acetaline(sp.). That or a forge of some sort to get it hot enough.
The propane torch should be able to get it hot enough to hot peen it. This last weekend I did a good bit of hot work making some helm strapping hooks with just my propane torch. What might be happening is if your trying to bring the tip of the tang to temp with the pommel on, and it may be acting as too much of a heat sink . So you might try bringing it to temp without the pommel, then put it on and peen.

Of course cold peening is another way to go as well that would save you the bother.


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