Headsup ....on an available Howard Clark Blade !
Keith Larman was nice enough to pass along this headsup ,on a big HC katana blade that will soon be up for sale !

So here's your chance to get a beautiful HC without the wait ! Mac

Hey, guys, I was talking with Howard yesterday. If someone wants to try to sneak in and get a cool blade, it would be a good time to give Howard a call. He has a 30.5" 1086 blade, 3/4 tori sori that doesn't have a home. He was going to put it up on his site for sale with photos but his digital camera decided to stop talking with his computer. So while he's getting annoyed and shoving his computer under his power hammer someone out there who's willing to buy what Howard said was a really cool sword (and when he says something like that you *know* its a nice sword) should give him a call.
Best way to get Howard is to call him and leave a message. His phone number is on his website at:
Thanks, Mac. I'm right now going through our budget as well as insurance papers from my wife's hospital visit (shoulder surgury) to see if I'll be able to afford the blade myself. I'd really love to buy it and use it as a sort of "this is how its done" article, but I'm really not sure I have the funds to pull it off right now. I'll decide tonight. Hopefully if I decide to go for it someone else won't have already cherry picked it. I probably won't be able to justify the expense, but lord I'd love to have it. Over 30", 1086M, all seriously "cool" points in its favor.

Hmmm, wonder what they pay for organ donations... :D

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