Wanted: books on swordfighting to help with self training
i am in a rural area and i do not have access to any large citys or to persons that may have the experience to train me. so i am looking for anything that will help me to train i am not sure if this is the place for me to post but this is my first post. so if any one has some books or know where i can get some please tell me thanx
training book
Guy Windsor's "The Swordsman's Companion". For reviews, http://www.freifechter.org/cgi-bin/cowman/con...or/windsor (it's in english), and followups at http://forums.swordforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=37037 .
It's a very useful book, and just what you need.
PM sent

David Kite
This doesn't fit in the Marketplace because you're probably asking questions and trying to start a discussion about these things. Seems more than you're looking for a recommendation rather than a private seller, so I'm moving it to the right forum.

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Check out the many book reviews in our bookstore's Member Reading Lists. There are lots of titles in there that will probably interest you.
Dear Robert,

Swordsman's Companion is excellent, as are many of the books from Chivalry Bookshelf. It depends very much what weapon(s) and what system(s) you are interested in. There are also many excellent workshops around the US each year. 4W is in Seattle next March. There's a large event in Lansing Michigan in August each year, and Western Martial Arts Workshop, which was just in Wisconsin is in Dallas Texas late next year. Each of these events hosts a great many excellent instructors and a large range of styles. The more groups and instructors you have exposure to, the better idea you'll have of what's out there and what you might want to spend your time pursuing.

Good luck.[/url]
If you're interested in german school of swordfighting, then you should get a training manual by Tobler: "Fighting with the german longsword", but before you read it, you should watch the DVD "The Longsword of Johannes Liechtenauer", I think they're both sold by Chivalry Bookshelf and available through Amazon and other stores.

I think you'll find it very easy to follow the instructions in Tobler's book once you familiarize yourself with the basics from DVD.

Oh, and try to find someone with similar interests, it's much more fun if you can actually spar. :D

Happy training!
Hi Robert,
I think everyone gave some excellent advice, particularly about checking out Chivalry Bookshelf. Nathan mentioned the member reading list, and mine in particular is pretty focused on WMA books with reviews. Hope it helps.

Books by Christian Tobler are my favorite longsword books
Hi Robert,

I am real new, I have invested in several books, pertaining to longsword study, my favorites are the books by Christian Tobler. His books have been invaluable to me and have helped me enormously. Well, these are my personal favorites. Feel free to check my profile for others, including a couple of books pertaining to the Italian Rapier.

Happy Collecting,


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