Hussite War Wagons
Good article on Hussite Wagenburg tactics here.

The war-wagon was a really important military technology in the medieval world, which played a key role in the ignition of the so-called gunpowder revolution.

This is a good article with 'new' information I haven't seen on the weapon technology before (and I've seen a lot). Kudos to this guy for including data on the successful use of Hussite mercenaries in Hungary, (although he doesn't distinguish them as such, merely noting that the Hungarians adopted Hussite tactics) and for getting into how Hussites (Czech heretics) successfully used the wagons in the offense as well as defensively, as many people miss that part.

What is really different about this article though, is he gets into how the Ottomans used the Wagenburg, I knew they used it, but didn't know the full extent of their adoption of this technically nor how important it became to their war machine and to several of their most important victories in the East.

He left out a couple of things however, the use of Hussite tactics (and to some extent, integration with Czech mercenaries) by the Cossacks, the second Hussite Crusade (from Hungary) of the 1470s, and the wide use of Hussite mercenaries throughout Western and Northern Europe all through the 15th and into the early 16th Century, and how the Russians adapted the Wagenburg and used it (as guylyay-gorod) with success against the Krim Tatars at Molodi in 1572. (Maybe one day I'll write that article!)
(Maybe one day I'll write that article!)

Looking forward to it :) I've read a bit about the subject but haven't seen something that takes it from the development though to the later outworkings across the geographical spread, so it would be a useful endeavour.
I believe that the tactics used during the First Battle of Panipat in India in 1526 were also inspired by Ottoman usage of the wagon fort.
Wow, it really went far indeed. I think the article does mention the Mughals I'm not sure though I need to re-read it.

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