13th century padded armour
I am looking into some things to assemble (and maybe if I am particularly ambitious, build the softer parts of) the kit of a mid 13th century lower class foot soldier.

I'm using a few references, but mainly the Maciejowski bible and its artistic depictions as my visual guide for what I want.

Aside from some of the very brutal looking chopping weapons depicted, something confusing me is some of the padded armour used. The padded armour used by itself as the main protection for the foot soldiers isn't something I have seen much of, and is confusing me a fair bit.
Some of them are wearing fairly long sleeve but mitten-less kinds, but a fair few are wearing what I can only see as a long sleeved hand enclosing piece of armour, with a high collar (that is a different colour from the rest of the armour sometimes) and sometimes what looks like a particularly thick seam where the arms meet the torso, but also shown are what looks like a second padded surcoat over their torso? Then there is one depiction of one slung over a mans shoulder that looks like one solid continuous piece.

I haven't been able to figure out much as to how they worked, their construction or anyone who might know and be able to make them with my fairly amateur searching on the internet, I'm guessing because it isn't very well known, and I really do quite want as accurate a replica of this as possible, even when a lot is left down to interpretation.

I'll attach a few pictures everyone has probably seen 1000 times for the sake of reference, and any help at all in this will be appreciated.

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Two threads which might be helpful.

Questions about Gambesons, Circa 1200

St. Martin Sleeve on Moselund tunic, = 13th c gamby pattern?
Thanks, lots of good information and opinions there, genuinely forgot the Armour Archive existed, so great to be reminded of that too.

Now time to scour the internet for someone who makes or can make something I'd be happy with or to buckle up and do it myself.

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