I recently took possession of a katar from Shree Amritsar Sword, found here: https://shreeamritsarsword.com/product/katar/

I thought I'd share some pictures and my thoughts on the company for those who are interested in Indian arms. This is my second newly made katar. This model from Shree Amritsar Sword is ₹10620 ($144/123), about $40 more than my previous one (http://myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=38837) but I would say the extra is worth it.

The stand out improvement is in the shaping of the grip parts. The crossbars are well rounded and cleanly finished, I find that the bulbous shape better fills my hand than the flat/angular bars of my other example. I also like that the sidebars are more rounded off at the edges, and thicker, almost twice as thick as on my other katar; although both forms are correct in historical examples. This gives the dagger a very sturdy feel and appearance. Generally, thicker sidebars are associated with earlier martial katars, while thinner bars became more common in the 'parade' or ceremonial pieces of the 18th and 19th centuries.

As on my previous katar, the blade is pattern welded and features 'shikargar' or a hunting scene.The blade is well centered in the grip, which is mono-steel. The overall length is 16", with a blade length of 8". Despite being two inches shorter than the other, the Shree Amritsar Sword katar is noticeably heavier, in part because the blade is both wider and thicker (at the reinforced tip), but mostly due to the sturdier grip. I like the balance of both, but there is no denying that the heavier katar has a satisfying and reassuring feel.

The sheath is simple; wood covered in leather, sewn up one side, and tipped with a metal chape. The stitching is good, the sheath fits snugly and holds the blade in place, and yes, I have stuck it in my belt and worn it around the house to test retention ;). At this price I'm more than happy just to have it included.

Now for Shree Amritsar Sword itself. The proprietor, Mr. Manmohan Singh, was very easy to get in touch with and always quick to reply. I asked for some customization in the crossbars as many original katars do not fit my hand (I end up hanging a finger over the sidebar), that was no problem and went smoothly. The sheath was made in red leather at my request. Unlike other Indian makers, they offer blades sharpened.

The only possible ding I can give is in wait time. I was quoted a wait time of two months, but it ended up taking seven (!) months to complete. Of course, I understand covid lock downs made work difficult or impossible at times. I won't personally deduct points for this because:
1. I didn't pay up front.
2. My attitude toward any made-to-order piece is to prepare the money, place the order, and then forget about it. It will be done when it is done, and will be a happy surprise when that happens. If it falls off the face of the earth, nothing lost.

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