This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Neat, older production (I believe - haven't seen these around for awhile) Windlass Bowies.
Asking: $125, OBO, shipped conUS, PayPal, for the set.
I paid $120 + $20 shipping = $140.

Pics in Google Drive folder:

I purchased these via ebay last week on a whim. They're very cool, but not quite what I was looking for.
I was looking for a 'sword-hilted Bowie' type knife, with a bit of weight for chopping. Something that would pass for Ren Faire garb, with a cross-guard, but still be usable as a single-edged bushcrafty/survival type knife. Instead, these are light, wicked fast, fighting-oriented blades.

They are still sturdily constructed, no loose parts, etc. They would make a cool set for 'dual-wielding Rogue' type of character, or awesome looking wall display.
- 11.5" blade.
- Pommel, grip and guard: 4 and 7/8 inches.
- Guard width: 4"
- 1/8" blade stock. Decent slight flex for the business end, still rather stiff over all. Quite stabby-pokey.
- Balance right at shoulder/guard junction.
- Pommels appear to be of the screw-on type. No visible peen on the pommel.
- All hilt components tight, no wiggles/rattles.
- Blemishes: some surface scratches, a couple small spots of surface rust. The hilts are in excellent condition.
- Sharpness: somewhere between butter knife and almost sharp. Blade geometry looks like taken down to an almost edge, ready for final sharpening. Previous owner seems to have tried to sharpen part of one of the blades.
- Sheaths: no idea if these were original, or aftermarket. Black dyed leather, stitched/welted construction. Decently made for what they are. Blades fit snugly but not overly tight. They don't have belt loops or any kind of attachment, so you'd need to add it, use a dagger/sword frog, etc.

Feel free to make an offer, also willing to combine with a swords/parts lot I have listed.