Full Qing/Manchu archery kit: bow, arrows, quiver, thumbring
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I'm upgrading my Qing / Manchu archery kit and have this for sale. Everything is basically brand new, bow is a couple months old (I have another bow close to the same draw weight, so I've only drawn it a couple times), arrows have only been shot once or twice, and I never had much opportunity to wear the clothing and quiver yet, so those are basically brand new as well.

1: The bow is an Alibow Yarha, Long version, brown cow leather, draw weight: 41# at 33, 43# at 34, 45.25# at 35, 47.5# at 36, bow will easily do 36. It includes the original string with center part thickened with soft cotton (to roughly 5.1mm), I also have a traditional 1-piece knotted cotton string for it (which also raises the brace height to much better 8.5).

2: 11 x wooden Manchu arrows from Sarmat archery (technically 12, but to one I added a much heavier point), suitable for this bow at about 34 to 35 draw (from the back of the bow). Wide nocks to fit the thick string.

3: A simple Manchu style quiver and bow holster on a belt, made from sturdy naturally/vegetable tanned cow leather, will last a life time with proper use and care.

4: A Manchu style outfit consisting of a robe and a hat (boots are not included).

5: A Moose antler Manchu ring made to your size (I make them myself and still have a couple ring blanks).

I'm asking 300 euro (about $360 USD), buyer pays shipping. I'm located in the Netherlands, Europe. For now I can only ship within Europe because I have not yet found a shipping service that will ship bow-sized packages outside of Europe (at least not for less than 300-400).

For more/better pictures send me a message.

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This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Some more pictures.
(BTW: In the rare case there is any doubt, the bow in the pictures in the post above with the full outfit is a Tiger Tail 2 and not for sale. )

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