Comparitive range of crossbow Bolts, Tod's testing.
Interesting video with what I think at the end is the correct conclusion, that I won't mention to avoid " spoilers ".

But, after people have had a chance to view the video I think discussing bolt weights should be interesting, by the way I tend to agree very much with Tod's theory at the end.

It's another of Tod's very good experiments to test weapons performances and try to arrive at a logical conclusion.
Instead of staring a new Topic Thread I'm just linking this Youtube video by Tod that is related to the video in my above posting, this time it's not about range but about power of different weights of bolts in Kinetic energy and momentum:

The numbers are surprising in some ways, but expected in others that heavier bolts have less velocity but their energy and momentum increases with bolt weight, at least up to a point of diminishing returns that might only be explored by making ever heavier bolts until the decrease in velocity of bolts gets so low that energy starts to diminish.

In any case viewing Tod's videos can give you some answers and maybe more questions.

Reading the comment sections under each of Tod's videos is very much like the discussions and/or speculations that we could also do here.

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